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crestdsl is an implementation of the CREST modelling language in Python. CREST is a formalism for hybrid systems modelling. It supports hierarchical component compositiion, synchronous communication, automaton-based discrete behaviour and a formal semantics.

crestdsl is an internal domain-specific language (DSL) and shipped as Python package. This means you can run it on pretty much any operating system!

crestdsl supports various use cases that include model creation and plotting, simulation and verification (using TCTL model checking). The main focus lies on simplicity and ease of use.

Try Me! (Browser-Demo)

You can try crestdsl directly in your browser. Just click the badge and wait for crestdsl to be loaded into a Jupyter instance inside your browser: crestdsl-demo


This live demo is made possible due to the effort of the Binder project. Thanks!

You can use this link to launch an instance with some more system modelling examples: more-demo


To run crestdsl on your machine, use the pre-built Docker image:

docker run -p 8888:8888 crestdsl/release

For installation of crestdsl on your local machine and a description of dependencies, refer to Installation.



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